networking between fedora and macos

Jeff Vian jvian10 at
Sun Jan 16 06:44:57 UTC 2005

On Sun, 2005-01-16 at 01:06 -0500, Scot L. Harris wrote:
> On Sun, 2005-01-16 at 00:56, Jeff Vian wrote:
> > 
> > FTP ?
> > 
> > Maybe set up ftp server on one or both and then use one of the many ftp
> > clients to connect and transfer the files. Wget will also work for that,
> > as will rsync if you are interested in making exact copies. 
> I advise against using ftp to move files over a wireless network.  Worst
> case is if you are not use wep then your passwords are in the clear on
> the air waves for anyone that happens to be sniffing to see.  Even if
> you are using wep someone could have monitored your network long enough
> to break the wep key (assuming the key is not changed very often if at
> all) and again will see your passwords passed in the clear.

And sftp does not fit that security paradigm?  It uses ssh as well, so
IMHO should be as safe as scp.

The OP implied he just got his wireless setup, so time to break the wep
key would have been minimal so far.  He also implied this would be a one
time transfer of files.  While I agree with your recommendations for
long term use, a new network, with wep enabled, and set to not broadcast
the essid would be relatively secure.  (I don't know his network
configuration, but sftp would certainly be as secure as scp in the same

> I always recommend using ssh and scp or another encryption method over
> wireless that is relatively immune from cracking.  You never can tell
> what that kid next door is spending his time doing, he could be trying
> to crack into your wireless network.  If you are are using an encrypted
> connection (ssh, scp) then the worst case is that he may try and use
> your bandwidth to the Internet but hopefully won't get the passwords to
> your systems when you transfer files around.
> Of course you are left with the problem of him getting your pop3 or imap
> passwords to your ISP accounts but that is a totally different
> question/problem. :)
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