Ethernet Device Static vs Automatically

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Sun Jan 16 21:17:00 UTC 2005

> The only information you haven't mentioned that you will need is the addresses
> of an accessible Domain Name Server (DNS). You can normally find the
> addresses of your ISP's DNS servers from their web pages.
> Enter those on the DNS tab of the Network applet.

yes thanks that's been done, I should have included this to complete the picture

> If you have other computers on the LAN with statically assigned IP addresses,
> enter their IPs together with an alias on the Hosts tab to allow you to
> access them using just the alias.

It's got three fields
Address: Hostname: Alias
What goes in the Hostname?
The xp's workgoup name?
or the xp's machine name?
or a xp's user name?
or a xp's users share?

I certainly appreciate the support... thanks

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