Moving a PostgreSQL database from one server to another

Bruno Wolff III bruno at
Mon Jan 17 06:07:12 UTC 2005

On Fri, Jan 14, 2005 at 09:19:18 -0600,
  "Rodolfo J. Paiz" <rpaiz at> wrote:
> I think you would be correct. However, in this case I'm only trying to
> dump *one* database with "pg_dump". The user owns the database, so
> permissions should not be a problem.

You are probably OK, but it is possible for the database owner to be unable
to access some objects in their database.
> Note that the database does have a password on it (which I need to
> change and don't yet know how, but that's another issue). When I use
> psql to access the database manually, I am prompted for a password; but
> pg_dump does not prompt me for the password, even if I add the "-W"
> parameter to force it. Could this have something to do with the problem?

You can can your password using ALTER USER. Look up that command under
SQL Commands in the documentation.

What does your pg_hba.conf file look like?

When you connect using psql do you use the same user as when you are
running pg_dump?

The pgsql-novice at list might be a better place to get answers
about postgres specific questions.

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