DNS lookup problem with up2date / yum

Juergen Krauss Juergen.Krauss at prospect-us.co.uk
Mon Jan 17 11:12:06 UTC 2005

>Juergen Krauss wrote:
>> I want to use Fedora Core3 behind a dlink DSL-504T dsl router.
>> Installing fedora was a breeze, however, internet connectivity is not

>> straightforward due to several IPV6 related issues.
>> After giving my fedora box a static (local) IP and turning off IPV6
>> /etc/modprobe.conf I can surf the net with firefox, but using lynx or

>> trying to update via yum or up2date times out. Looking at ethereal 
>> captures when running yp2date, lynx or yum, there are ipv6 dns
>> (AAAA ...) which are resolved as address, and that obviously 
>> times out. It seems to be a bug in the DSL-504T,
>> but would one solution be not sending AAAA requests, or translating
>> to ipv4 requests (with iptables? I am new there)? How can I do that? 
>One workaround you could use would be to set up a caching nameserver on

>your FC3 box and use that to do your DNS lookups instead of the

Works very well.

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