Skype sound problem

Neil Marjoram n.marjoram at
Mon Jan 17 13:39:13 UTC 2005

I've looked hard for this one, sorry if it's been done before, but I 
couldn't finf the answer.

I have just installed Skype, and all looked well until I tested it, 
seems that I have a problem with the sound. As suggested I lloked at 
permisions for the /dev/dsp, which is correctly owned by my Linux user. 
Other audio programs, Xine / Mplayer / Realplayer etc are fine.

Also how do I test to see if the microphone is working, is there a nice 
little Gui that displays the sound wave from the mic?



Neil Marjoram
Systems Manager
Adastral Park Campus
University College London
Ross Building
Adastral Park
Martlesham Heath
Ipswich - Suffolk

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