boot strangeness - FC2 scsi - more data

William Hooper whooperhsd3 at
Mon Jan 17 15:46:03 UTC 2005

akonstam at said:
> On Fri, Jan 14, 2005 at 08:53:47PM -0500, William Hooper wrote:
>> akonstam at said: [snip]
>>> Now the machine when booting displays the FC2 grub choice screen.
>>> After the choice is made the kernel is accessed but then the machine
>>> goes into what seems to be an indefinite hang. But actually, after a
>>> half hour or an hour (we have not measured this accurately since it
>>> took so long) the machine continues its boot.
>> Does booting without the "quiet" option give a better idea of where it
>> stops?  What SCSI hardware?  IIRC there are some scsi controllers that
>> take a very long to initialize.
> We are not using the quiet option. The SCSI adapter is an Adaptec AIC
> 7890. WE tried using the aic7xxx_old driver instead of the aic7xxx
> driver since these are old machines but that had no visible effect on the
> booting behavior.

Silly question, did you rebuild the initrd after making the change?
>> Does booting without "rhgb" help?
> I have tried to remove the rhgb to no avail. Now that we have switched
> tot the smp kernel the /initrd has been unmounted.

So you have having the boot problem with both the uniprocessor and SMP

> Any further ideas?

Not really, just grasping at straws.  Have you tried FC3?

William Hooper

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