FC2 unpatched, critical vulnerabilities?

Alexander Dalloz ad+lists at uni-x.org
Mon Jan 17 15:53:06 UTC 2005

Am Mo, den 17.01.2005 schrieb Lorenzo Musizza um 16:04:

> one of my friends just had his FC2 based simple mailserver (with no
> 3rd party software and only smtp/pop/imap services running) hacked.
> He told me that he noticed something strange seeing an unknown ip
> address in the "Last login from" when logged in as root. Then he
> changed the root password and waited: the same ip showed up in the
> secure log as a failed login attempt but after only 5 seconds the logs
> said ssh root login was successful.

Take the computer off-line - immediately!

> My friend admitted he never patched the server with updates, and I
> know allowing root ssh login is not recommended, but still I am a
> little surprised.

Wonderful - never updated :(

> Which are the most important vulnerabilities than can lead to a root
> remote login on a plain FC2 box?

Where you see the [SECURITY] behind the packages, that are critical

> Luciano

There is no other way than erasing the current root hacked system and
reinstalling it from scratch with a current updated system.


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