PCMCIA NIC not functioning properly in Fedora C2

pchoppin at comcast.net pchoppin at comcast.net
Mon Jan 17 17:21:46 UTC 2005

> Yup, seen it before. I have a Dell Latitude CPx laptop that has this 
> issue. Many months ago someone on the list was kind enough to provide 
> the same solution for me and some others. I had tried prior to that to 
> change the startup order for pcmcia services. That seemed to work most 
> of the time. But telling it NOT to start that interface at boot time 
> seems to work all the time. 
> I don't know if FC3 fixed this or not, I doubt that it did. Still 
> running FC2 on the laptop so I have not tested it. 
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Ok... thanks for the info.  I will definately implement this.  And I feel better that it is a Fedora problem -- I guess
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