Problem with up2date

Steve Thacker w5set at
Mon Jan 17 22:01:47 UTC 2005

I have had the same problem several times with FC2 and FC3, I have had 
to reboot and try it again, and then it worked--well that or let yum 
nightly update take care of it. Just make sure it has some time to work 
before you give up if running a slower computer, one of mine takes 
longer then my wife to make up it's mind!.....steve

Robert Gann wrote:

> Greeting!  I'm running Fedora Core 3 and new to this list.
> When I launch up2date I get the standard "Welcome to Red Hat Update Agent:
> grogress Dialog that totally belies its name as it makes absolutely no
> progress.

> I would really appreciate any assistance.  Thanks in advance.

> --
> Robert Gann, Ph.D.
> Professor of Computer &
>   Information Sciences
> Johnstone Science Center

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