FC3 sound problems, Flaky FC3

Markus Huber humarfedoralists at yahoo.de
Tue Jan 18 01:17:38 UTC 2005

Kerith Foster wrote:
> Experienced similar problems when upgrading to 10.741 kernel. My onboard 
> VIA soundcard stopped working.
> All other kernels work fine with sound.
> Don't see any  headphone jack sense in my mixer.
> But why is FC3 so flaky?
> FC2 was much better after the initial partition problems.
> It seems like we're not making progress but developing increasing less 
> reliable cores.
> Maybe we should slow down new Fedora innovations for a while and get the 
> thing to just work as well on as wide a variety of hardware as Windows does.
> Maybe that should be our "new frontier".
> Right now we are in danger of looking amateurish.

There is some point in what you are saying, but as a typical end-user 
with no programming experience I disagree.

When I switched from Windows (better: 17 years MS-OSs) to Linux Fedora 
became my first joice, because it was the most advanced Linux I could 
get and therefor everything worked out of the "box". I had my issues 
with more conservative distros.

I would really plead that if there are issues they have to be solved by 
going forward. Because there are more conservative distros around, and 
if I really need a more conservative approach I would consider one of 
those. But that is not why I chose and choose Fedora.

And about FC3 being flaky. I have an issue with esound and cannot 
resolve it, but alsa is doing the job now for me, but I still hope, 
esound will not be distorted at some stage on my machine. But 
remembering FC1: as a newbie I really had to learn quite a lot about 
Linux to get things going. I had to configure config-files, learning how 
to define fstab and more.

With FC3 all devices on my machines are just working, udev is a little 
wonder-thing for an enduser on a standalone box resp. on a notebook. I 
enjoy that a distro sets it's task to be the avantgarde by pushing things.

As I said: there are other choices, and if I would want Windows back, I 
would just take it - with all it's advantages and disadvantages.

Markus Huber

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