fedora core 3 2.6.10 kernel update issues

Naoki naoki at valuecommerce.com
Tue Jan 18 01:25:09 UTC 2005

And don't even get me started...

2.6.10 crashed half my servers because the conntrack pool filled and
they couldn't accept any more connections.

Rolling back fixed it.  

My other machine :
$ rpm -q kernel

Only 2.6.9-1.681 actually boots, the rest can't load ext3.ko and
complain about an unknown symbol and an 'insmod' error.

Conversely, my laptop using friend is happy because it works for him and
now suspend/resume works as it should, but what the heck is the 'inu'
thing all about?

On Mon, 2005-01-17 at 13:54 -0500, Xavier Gonzalez wrote:
> I recently upgraded from kernel 2.6.9 to kernel 2.6.10, with a lot of
> messy outcomes:
> -sound card couldn't be detected
> -usb could not be detected
> -wireless card would have problems with Wins wrapper (which it had not
> done since I upgraded from FC2 to FC3)
> I decided to remove 2.6.10 and go back to 2.6.9. However, lately I
> have noticed a couple of ohter problems. Mainly, even thou my sound
> card is detected and works OK, it seems that now and then (specially
> when getting my screensaver on) when I am playing an audio file it
> sounds like a 'scratched record'. By that I mean that the audio file
> kind of gets stuck and repeats a part of the file over for a few
> seconds.
> Any thoughts on that matter?
> -X
Mark "Naoki" Rogers 
Vice President - Systems and Engineering

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