Disk Druid - Fedora flame #1

Gene Heskett gene.heskett at verizon.net
Tue Jan 18 03:56:49 UTC 2005

On Monday 17 January 2005 21:31, Jeff Vian wrote:
>On Tue, 2005-01-18 at 00:40 +0100, Emmanuel Seyman wrote:
>> On Mon, Jan 17, 2005 at 10:45:56AM -0500, Gene Heskett wrote:
>> > Except for DD's insistance on re-arranging partitions.  I've had
>> > enough headaches and screwed up installs that DD will never
>> > touch another disk of mine, ever.
>> I have no idea which Disk Druid you're using but it obviously
>> isn't the one shipped with Fedora's installation program.
>> I've installed (from scratch) all the Fedoras one after the other
>> on the same computer. In all cases, DD only formated the
>> partitions I told it to partition ( the / and swap partitions) and
>> left the others (a partition I mount on /media/data and /home)
>> intact.
>> > To the redhat/fedora packagers: Please, please, please give us
>> > back fdisk, its not broken like DD, and it doesn't decide to
>> > format your /home or /root partitions and use them for / in the
>> > next incarnation.
>> If you prefer fdisk, then just use that instead of DD.
>> Emmanuel
>Gene is not the only one to have problems.
>I have had it rearrange partitions, but NEVER on a prepartitioned
> disk which is what you used, and what is given by using fdisk to
> create the partition before defining the mount points with disk
> druid.
>On an unpartitioned disk it chooses where the partition goes.  If
> there are more than one disk it by default chooses both (or all)
> disks as the possible targets.  If you create say 5 partitons and
> you build them in the order you want them placed IT chooses the
> order (and drive) it feels is best for creating them.  So what you
> thought was hda2 may actually become hdb3, etc.
>Gene's comment was related to creating partitions, not reinstalling
> on existing partitions.

Yes, in the case of the 4GB drive hdb, it was redoing a windows 
install I have no use for.  For hda, it was pre-partitioned they way 
I wanted it earlier, but DD didn't act like it could read the 
existing partition table.  I know, I stopped, backed out and 
rechecked it with a boot disk that had fdisk on it.  The partitions 
were as I wanted them, but when DD got done with it, I frankly had 
NDI what was where.  I commonly setup the first two partitions of 
only 100MB each as /dev/hda1=/boot, and /dev/hda2=/DOS (vfat 
formatted in case I need to boot drdos).  The rest of the disks 
assignments depend on what I'm going to do with that box, but usually 
include a goodly chunk as /dev/hda3=/root as I run as root 99.44% of 
the time.  Likewise a big enough /dev/hda5=/home partition that I can 
have a few amanda builds living there.  Then hda6-7-8 are 
usually /opt, /, and /usr.

DD completely ignored what I had setup under the hda entry because the 
hdb was showing when I clicked next, and did as it damned well 
pleased to everything but the /swap, completely ignoreing an 
existing /etc/fstab that was setup exactly the way I wanted it, so it 
was unusable for anything.

Like I said, its drain bamaged.  Unusable, worthless, take it away.

Cheers, Gene
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