Disk Druid - Fedora flame #1

Gene Heskett gene.heskett at verizon.net
Tue Jan 18 04:20:56 UTC 2005

On Monday 17 January 2005 22:17, Jeff Vian wrote:
>On Mon, 2005-01-17 at 20:03 -0700, James McKenzie wrote:
>> Jeff Vian wrote:
>> > On Tue, 2005-01-18 at 00:40 +0100, Emmanuel Seyman wrote:
>> >>On Mon, Jan 17, 2005 at 10:45:56AM -0500, Gene Heskett wrote:
>> >>>Except for DD's insistance on re-arranging partitions.  I've
>> >>> had enough headaches and screwed up installs that DD will
>> >>> never touch another disk of mine, ever.
>> >>
>> >>I have no idea which Disk Druid you're using but it obviously
>> >> isn't the one shipped with Fedora's installation program.
>> >
>> > Gene is not the only one to have problems.
>> > I have had it rearrange partitions, but NEVER on a
>> > prepartitioned disk which is what you used, and what is given by
>> > using fdisk to create the partition before defining the mount
>> > points with disk druid.
>> I tossed all partitions except swap, /ORACLE and /ORACLE/DATA when
>> I installed FC3.  All of the partitions that I added back appeared
>> where I expected them.  Oh, I do have four Windows FAT32
>> partitions.
>So let me get this straight,  You have at least 6 psrtitons already
>defined and you are basically recreating partitions where others
> already were.  It is no wonder they did not get moved by the
> capriciousness of DD.  It had to fit them around the other
> pre-existing partitons.
Excuse me!  Then why the hell didn't it use the existing ones already 
defined as /boot, /dos, /root, /home, /, /opt and /usr, but without 
labels as I don't use an initrd?  There was no room to fit anything 
else, the disk was fully utilized prior to DD ever looking at it.  

Somehow I feel like I'm taking to a wall here, but the echos aren't 
related to what I'm saying.  And what I'm saying is that DD is dane 
bramaged beyond repair, take it away.

>> > On an unpartitioned disk it chooses where the partition goes. 
>> > If there are more than one disk it by default chooses both (or
>> > all) disks as the possible targets.  If you create say 5
>> > partitons and you build them in the order you want them placed
>> > IT chooses the order (and drive) it feels is best for creating
>> > them.  So what you thought was hda2 may actually become hdb3,
>> > etc.

Thats pure, green, still warm and as found behind the male of the 
bovine species.  If I want /dev/hda1 to be the boot partition, then I 
damned well want /dev/hda1 to be used as the /boot partition, I don't 
need it moved to /dev/hda5 and given several gigabytes at a location 
that may well be beyond the reach of the bios to boot from.

>> This may be desirable.  However, it can and does become
>> frustrating.
>> > Gene's comment was related to creating partitions, not
>> > reinstalling on existing partitions.

No it wasn't, the partitions did exist, and it ignored them totally.

>> So was mine.
>> James McKenzie
>I did not reply to your post, James, I replied to Emmanuel's.
>And yes it is very frustrating to have things moved.  I as yet see
> no benefit from having the tool decide what I want.

Cheers, Gene
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