Firefox "Save As" Dialog ?

Rahul Sundaram rahulsundaram at
Tue Jan 18 14:19:08 UTC 2005


> I totally agree. The buttons are just wrong. A drop down list or a tree
> with icons (c.f. windows expolorer) is a much more familiar (and IMO
> functional) interface.

sometimes having a more functional interface important. have a button
bar is new but better since you can click on any of these in an easy
way compared to a drop down box. if you just want a windows explorer
clone then you have file manager that come close to that. if gnome had
just copied windows dialog boxes people would have whined about open
source not doing anything different or better

> I like the idea of having bookmarks available. But the list needs to be
> completeley customizable, not just appendable. I have a CDROM drive
> which is still included in a save dialog, even though this is obviously
> inappropriate.

this should be considered a bug. needs to know.

> No place to type in a directory name - unless you type control-L. This
> makes interaction with automounted directories difficult (this one is in
> bugzilla)

gnome 2.8 allows to use find as you type, gnome 2.10 will have a open
location dialog box in the context menu

> Create Folder button opens up a text entry widget, but the folder is
> created as soon as the widget loses focus rather than when <enter> is
> pressed. Frequently I need to look behind the file dialog to decide
> which directory I want to create and end up accidentally creating a
> directory "Type your folder name here" (that's from memory - I don't
> have an FC3 system here).

again file a bug and suggest it. I have been thinking about the same too

Rahul Sundaram

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