message GRUB - no boot. Help

Francois Massonneau frmas at
Tue Jan 18 18:53:51 UTC 2005


> This morning, suddenly, after many years without a problem, my system
> doesn't want to boot.
> My system is full SCSI, and I run FC3 (I did an upgrade from FC2 to 
> FC3).
> Now, when I power on, after the disks checking by the Adaptec SCSI card,
> the only message I have is "GRUB", and the system stays that way, with a
> continuous noise.
> I've started with the FC3 first install disk in rescue mode, and I can
> browse thru the directories, but I don't know how to repare that grub
> loader, and make my system to work again, as before.
> Thank you for your help. Francois

Thank you to all of you. Tony Dietrich found the right solution. A 
"grub-install /dev/sda", made my system to work again.
This list is always such a great help. Thank you to everybody.

Now my system run again, is there a way to create a kind of "ghost" of my 
whole system to be able in case of a major pb to reinstall everything from 
scratch ? I have a dvd burner and would like to secure a little bit my 
system. Thank you. Francois

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