FC3: WEP doesn't work with Cisco Aironet 350

Barry Gould mailinglists at pennysaverusa.net
Tue Jan 18 18:59:34 UTC 2005

On my Dell Latitude D800, I had my PCMCIA Cisco Aironet 350 working fine in 
FC2, with 128bit WEP.

However, after upgrading to FC3, WEP no longer works.
(I can however connect to non-encrypted networks)

The only errors I see are
DHClient says:
"unknown hardware address type 801"

However, I also notice
WEP: shared

even though iwconfig says it is 'restricted'
and I've tried re-setting it to restricted with iwconfig

Also, the Channel isn't getting set right from ifcfg-eth1, but I can 
manually change it with iwconfig

modprobe.conf contains:
alias eth1 airo_cs

and both airo_cs and airo modules are loaded.

I'm running the current kernel, but it hasn't worked with any of the FC3 

Googling reveals others are having the same problem. One such discussion is 

One thread mentioned disabling IPV6 in modprobe.conf... I tried that, and 
even tried compiling a kernel w/o IP6, but that still didn't make a difference.

My company has standardized on Cisco equipment, so it is difficult to use 
something else.

Barry Gould  

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