Bug in OpenOffice.org from FC3?

Tibor-Attila ANCA anca.tibor at gmx.de
Tue Jan 18 19:54:32 UTC 2005


I already wrote a question related to the LDAP support of the
OpenOffice.org package, that comes with Fedora Core 3. In this mail I
asked, why does OpenOffice.org show my Evo Addressbook, if I am trying
to connect to an LDAP-Server.

Now, I realized, that OpenOffice.org _only_ uses a nonexisting Evolution
Addressbook (I use mutt, so there is no evo thing on my computer); as I
tested, whether OOo would accept a connection to a nonexisting
LDAP-Server (I gave localhost and dc=localhost,dc=org as parameters),
the setup was accepted from OOo and it again showed an evo addressbook
without entries. Isn't this a bit strange? How could be solved this

Thanks in advance,
Tibor Attila ANCA
<anca.tibor at gmx.de>
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