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Tue Jan 18 23:14:50 UTC 2005

On Tue, Jan 18, 2005 at 02:51:28PM -0800, Ted Bolver wrote:

> readahead
> readahead_early

> Is there a distinction between them;

Yes.  see the list of files that are read.

> Do you need them *both* checkboxed;

You do not need either.

The readahead process preloads the buffer cache with files that might
be paged in one 'page demand triggered' read at a time.  This can 
speed things up of boxes with enough DRAM.

BIG Programs like OO that are started with a wraper script could 
use this trick to advantage in some cases.

> Incidentally they've both got exactly the same service
> descriptions ie:
> ""This service causes the programs used during startup
> to be loaded into memory before they are needed, thus
> improving startup performance""

/etc/init.d/readahead:    /usr/sbin/readahead `cat /etc/readahead.files` &
/etc/init.d/readahead_early:    /usr/sbin/readahead `cat /etc/readahead.early.files` &

So the difference is /etc/readahead.files and /etc/readahead.early.files.

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