How to Identify the BIOS Version

David Curry dsccable at
Wed Jan 19 14:48:32 UTC 2005

Michael Scottaline wrote:

>On Wed, 19 Jan 2005 01:03:38 -0500
>David Curry <dsccable at> insightfully noted:
>DC>My system (FC-2) doesn't seem to recognize "dmidecode" as a command.  
><further snippage>
>It will if you run it as root (or sudo) from /usr/sbin/dmidecode
Thanks, Mike.  I tried exactly what you suggest.  The result was a 
system response advising that dmidecode was not a bash command.

Paul Howarth may have provided the answer to my riddle in noting that 
dmidecode is an FC-3 kernel facility.  I am using FC-2.


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