Mysql 4.1 on FC2

David Hoffman dhoffman_98 at
Wed Jan 19 15:35:33 UTC 2005

--- Clive Messer <clive at> wrote:

> I've been running the devel packages (re-compiled from srpms) on FC3
> for
> some time. 4.1.7 and more recently 4.1.9. 100% stable on a near
> production load (UAT) with very heavy access on InnoDB. The 4.1.*
> packages install a default my.cnf with 'old_passwords=1'. Python and
> other stuff linked against the GPL'd V3 libs are working just fine
> with
> the 3.23 client compatibility package.


You mentioned an interesting point. I am running on FC3 with mysql
4.1.9 (also with the compat package) and everything is stable. One
exception that I noticed is that when I install from the RPMs provided
by, I don't get a "my.cnf" file anywhere. I see that you
re-compiled from the source, but I'm wondering if you might have an
idea why that is happening to me?

Can you show the contents of the default my.cnf file that was supplied
with yours?

Thanks, David

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