Can standard rpm installation for FC3 with server RAM 6Gb. use the PAE with ram 6 Gb?

ÍÁÄ·¸Ôì ÍѧÈØÊÔ§Ëì amrit at
Thu Jan 20 17:34:58 UTC 2005

I would like to use the standard FC3 rpm version to create a newly installed server [ 2 Xeon , 6 Gb. ram , and Postgresql 7.4.5] . Would it automatically detect and config it if I use the mechine with > 4 Gb [6Gb.] or should I manually config it? And the PAE would be effective work with PGsql and large database.

Thanks for any comment.

Dr.Amrit Angsusingh
ICT Center
Sawanpracharuck Hospital
บริการอีเมล์ฟรีจาก "ไชโยเมล์"

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