AW: AW: Problem with PCMCIA Network Card

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Thu Jan 20 08:58:55 UTC 2005

First i want to say thanx.

Regarding ndiswrapper i tried the version 1.0rc2 and 0.12
The problem i have is that no matter what i try to use (prism54 or ndiswrapper) i get the same error message
Another problem i see is, that looking trough all the faq and so i read that normally the firmware sholud be loaded first
(or the system should attempt to load it) but that never happens.

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Betreff: Re: AW: Problem with PCMCIA Network Card

> I have a problem getting an Netgear WG511 recognized by the system. I 
> had this problem with FC2 and have it still after i installed FC3 FC3 
> found the PCMCIA Card and installed the prism54 drivers and tries to 
> start them during the boot. For me it looks like a problem on the 
> PCMCIA/hotplug side

Netgear WG511 comes in three versions, alas. The latest version, version 
3 (made in China) doesn't work with the Prism54 drivers (despite the 
kernel/modprobe loading the drivers fine). This is because version 3 is 
a softmac wireless card. Looking at devel lists, it looks 
like softmacs won't ever be supported, since the hardware specs are not 

If it's a new card, I'd take it back to the shop and try and exchange it 
for a version 1 (or possibly 2 - some of these work, some don't).

Worst case scenario, you should be able to get it working with 
ndiswrapper, but try using the latest version (1.0rc3), not the old 0.12 
you seem to have tried. Unless the card is faulty.

It's a crappy situation, but non-softmac 11g cards are becoming rarer by 
the day. You could always pick up a 11b card, many of which have OS 
drivers available.


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