Warning - False Spam Reporting

John Aldrich john at chattanooga.net
Thu Jan 20 18:50:23 UTC 2005

On Thursday 20 January 2005 11:12 am, Robert Slade wrote:
> One of my posts to this mailing list was reported as Spam by someone who
> appears to be at or associated with University of Tennessee. That same
> person also reported the Redhat server that sent my post onto the
> members. The Redhat server appears to have been reported based on the
> fact it had no reverse DNS entry. In my case, it appears that the report
> was based on the rDNS entry showing a different FDQ to the DNS entry. If
> the reported had read the text of the e-mail it would obviously have not
> been spam.
> I am posting this to warn others and hopefully get the reporter to stop
> falsely reporting Spam.
If you reply to "deputies" at "admin.spamcop.net" and let them know that 1)a 
mailing list was reported and 2)you did not spam, they will sanction the 
(A SpamCop member.)

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