Quake II for Fedora Core 3

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A. Rick Anderson wrote:
>> Neither site has much detail on installing the packages.  I have a real 
>> QII cdrom, so getting the (c) ip isn't an issue for me.  I doubt that 
>> the install as simple as setting the execute permissions and running the 
>> quake2...run file?  Is there a site that has more detailed instructions 
>> on setting this up?
>It should just be a matter of copying the pak files from the CD
>(or a Windows install) to your baseq2 directory. For instance :
>cp /media/cdrom/Install/Data/baseq2/*pak /usr/local/games/quake2/baseq2/

You will also need the *.pak files from the 3.2 'upgrade' to QuakeII, per the Colossus README file.  I think this fixes a few problems with QuakeII.

>Make sure the pak files are then readable by your user.
>My RPM sets up a menu entry under Games. Use that or run 'quake2' or
>'sdlquake2' from /usr/local/games/quake2.

I noticed that after I ran the .rpm file.  However, it would be nice to write a readme file of your own that states what to do and how to do it.  I read through the README and readme.txt files and they left me a little 'baffled', but I overcame that and had fun fragging a few last night.  Thank you for your efforts and making my day a little more 'Quakey'.  Now, if I could find TurboTax for Linux, I could blow away Windows from my laptop and free up a bunch of space.

>I was lucky to buy the "Quake 2 Colossus for Linux" box a few years ago,
>which includes RPMs for the data files, so I never had to do that. But
>that should do it.

Is it still available?  I guess I will have to Google for it or look on eBay.

James McKenzie
A Proud User of Linux!

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