FC3 installer unable to automatically create linux partitions in extended partiton[Why LVM's]

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>1) When and why was the ability to automatically create linux
>partitions in an extended DOS partition removed?

It has not been removed.  I did so when I installed FC3.  I even used DD to do so.
>2) Why does the Release Notes fail to mention that LVM is the default
>file system or that automatic partitioning of ext. partitions is no
>longer works?
LVM was added so that you can set up smaller than needed partitions and then 'grow' them as needed utill you reach the physical limit of the LVM.  This is very difficult to do using physical partitions (and my /usr partition is running out of space, again.)

>Yuck! What a rotten turn of events. Some people are making boneheaded
>decisions at Fedora Core.  There is no need to lose functionality and
>usability just because LVM has been added. They have turned
>multi-booting Windows and Fedora into a more complex and error prone
>process.  Disk Druid for everyone!  Way to go!
Actually, you can set up physical partitions or use LVM.  This is called Freedom of Choice.  I did this when I set up my 'play' disk, using both types.  I work with Sun Solaris systems and LVM is almost universally used, but we decided to use a physical drive setup.
>For what is worth, I also disklike the fact that now FC creates LVM 
>volumes instead of regular partitions as default. Even if you can change 
>the output (you can't change the behaviour). I'm more of an oldschool 
>partitions kind of guy. I fail to see how LVMs add more problems to dual 
>booting with Windows. I just installed FC3 onto my GF's laptop (which 
>had Gentoo previously) and dual boot works just fine.

I will try to install Windows98SE (that is what came on my system and I don't need the 'benefits' of Win2K or WinXP) and then install FC3 on my 'play' disk this weekend (I had planned yard work, but it is raining in Southern Arizona and that's the weather report.)  I will try both physical and LVM setups.  The type of extra partitions should not make any difference to Windows, as it should not see the new partitions that I added to my system.  Oh, I do use grub for my BL.  Looks like I'm in for some work....

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