NVIDIA driver *taints* kernel???

Guy Fraser guy at incentre.net
Fri Jan 21 18:00:09 UTC 2005

On Thu, 2005-20-01 at 23:36 -0600, Jonathan Berry wrote:
> On Thu, 20 Jan 2005 18:51:47 -0500, Sam Varshavchik
> <mrsam at courier-mta.com> wrote:
> > Guy Fraser writes:
> > > On Tue, 2005-18-01 at 21:37 -0500, Sam Varshavchik wrote:
> > >> There are many graphics cards with reliable, open source, native x.org
> > >> drivers.  I suggest that you pick one, and support the vendors that support
> > >> open source.
> > >>
> > > Again you are so wrong.
> > 
> > What's wrong with supporting vendors that support open source?
> Nothing.  But as Paul pointed out, ATi does not support open source either.
> [snip]
> > Well, these closed source drivers may be there today.  Will they be there
> > tomorrow?  When a new kernel comes out, is there any chance that NVidia
> > might change their mind, decide not to invest any more resources into
> > support AMD64, and stop providing bug fixes and updates?
> This is always possible.  Of course, you could also give this argument
> for Windows.  They could decide not to support x64, or Longhron, or
> other Windows updates.  This, of course, would be unthinkable, and
> yes, dropping Linux support would be *much* more likely, but one can
> still make the argument.  One could also argue that nVidia could
> decide to open source their drivers.  Again, not very likely, but it
> is possible.  Likewise, I think this is not very likely as long as
> nVidia sees they can make money by supporting Linux.  Anything can
> change, so let's evaluate what we have now.  Right now, nVidia
> provides good support for Linux with closed-source drivers.
> > I know I won't have that problem with an open source driver.
> But will that driver continue to support the video cards that are out
> there?  Eventually ATi will stop making the chipsets that are
> currently supported.  Then ATi and nVidia will truely be in the same
> boat, and I think nVidia (right now) has the more stable Linux ship.
> Probably the best thing we can do is support the video card companies
> that support Linux at all.  Maybe if we show are support and are vocal
> enough, they will open source their drivers.  At least they will
> continue to support their products and give Linux the respect it
> deserves as a viable operating system.  If we turn our backs on those
> who try to support us, but do not give us exactly what we want, who
> will benefit from that?
> Jonathan
Well put.

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