Intel 82801DB AC'97 audio controler issue

John DeDourek dedourek at
Fri Jan 21 19:08:28 UTC 2005

Satish Balay wrote:
> On Fri, 21 Jan 2005, Asmir Murselovic wrote:
>>I have Intel 82801DB (ICH4) AC'97 audio controler,
>>which doesn't work under 2.6.10-1.9_FC2.i686 kernel,
> Have you tried

Being a less experienced Linux user, it took me a bit to
"understand" the proposed workaround in the Bugzilla.
Once I understood what is required, it WORKED on a IBM
T42 Thinkpad.  (My confusion was think that the "Gnome
GUI Alsamixer" was the "thing"; however, it doesn't have
the new features.)

- Open a command window
- Type
- Use the right arrow to make the "highlighted selection" (
   red text under the "bar display" be the "Headphone Jack Sense"
   (these things are somewhat truncated under the bar displays, so
   that the "headphone" and "headphone jack sense" bars may read
   almost the same; however, the "Item" in the upper right corner
   of the command window spells it out.
- At the top of the bar may appear (or not) "MM"; typing an "m"
   toggles the "MM" on and off.  (Confusingly, "MM" equates to "off"
   and "not MM" equates to "on"; MAKE SURE THE MM APPEARS at the
   top of the "headphone jack sense" bar
- Do the same thing to "line jack sense", found by pressing
   the right arrow sufficient times; there are more bars than
   fit in a normal window so it might not appear initially;
   the additional bars scroll into the window as you move right
With the "MM" appearing at the top of both the "headphone jack
sense" and the "line jack sense" (meaning I presume that the
features are "off" or "disabled", my sound works.

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