FC3 Still Hates Me: No Sound

Kerith Foster fosters2 at cwjamaica.com
Sat Jan 22 00:57:20 UTC 2005

On Friday 14 January 2005 11:46 am, blank wrote:
> Dave wrote:
> >OK, next gripe. It detects my hardware, loads modules, I've used alsamixer
> > to make sure it's unmuted, I've used aRTS Control Tool to turn up the
> > volume, I've checked settings under aumix, nothing. There's no longer a
> > "volume control" menu item under "Sound & Video" or I would have tried
> > that.
> >
> >Not even a decent error message. system-config-soundcard says it found a
> > VIA VT8233/A 8235/8237 AC87 Audio Controller and used module
> >snd_via82xx. Hitting the 'play test sound' button produces the following
> >output in the terminal window:
> Well, i didn't have to change any mute settings, but i did change the
> item "IEC958" from "analog" to "digital". This item is 19 to the right
> of start in alsamixer.
> i don't know enough to say if your settings' listings will be the same
> on another card, but i now have sound for the first time in a few weeks.
> i am very relieved :)

> No joy ... I don't even have an IEC958 setting on my alsamixer. Item 19 is 
>one of the Capture settings.

I don't know if you have already solved the problem. but item 19 is IEC958 Capture Monitor
on that sound card. Mute it and you should get sound.


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