Resize ext3 Partition

Duncan Lithgow duncan at
Sat Jan 22 21:20:41 UTC 2005

Shane Archer wrote:

> I have an install of FC3 on an ext3 partition, with an older NTFS 
> partition containing an XP install on the same drive.
> I am using XP less and less on this particular system, and I need to 
> reclaim more space for /var which is on the drive. What program or 
> utility, if any, would be capable of non-destructively shrinking the 
> NTFS partition while expanding the ext3 partition?
> I looked into Partition Magic Pro, but it appears that it does not 
> support ext3, as their site claims only ext2 and swap:
> Has anybody used anything else successfully in this manner?
> Thanks,
> Shane
I like the advice i got which was to use a windows program to resize 
ntfs and fat partitions and a *nix app to resize ext partitions. That 
way chances of trounle are minimised.


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