Beware of bind-9.2.4-8_FC3:20 (was BIND (Network Manager}

Craig White craigwhite at
Sun Jan 23 14:36:10 UTC 2005

On Sat, 2005-01-22 at 09:35 -0500, Bill Cronk wrote:
> Craig Wrote:
> >This is just my opinion and may not be similar to anyone else's.
> >Red Hat's gui tool for admin BIND (I think it is system-config-named) is
> >useless or worse than useless
> >I don't use it. The only times I have tried to use it I abandoned
> >everything that it did.
> >I use webmin <> where I need to set up dns. It's
> >awesome.
> I have been using Webmin since one of the first releases. I agree it is awesome and has improved immensely over the past couple of years.
> That is my preference for managing all my machines at work and here at home too. However, I noticed with SuSE first and now Fedora is that to eliminate difficulties in the initial setup of various services, one sometimes needs to allow the stock distribution tools to do the setup. Then come in after the fact and either tweak or manage the configurations with Webmin.
> In fact this very thing is what my current problem has been. Webmin never seems to find the chroot files for DNS unless they are linked out to /var/named as Fedora packages them. Also Webmin only creates the files in the standard location of /var/named. I move the file to the chroot location where Fedora has thier stock original files and then link it out to the /var/named as Fedora did and all works as expected.
> I have not spent allot of time digging through Webmin due to the work load ;), but do you know if they have an easy way to configure where the Webmin modules go out and look for files for the services it can manage?
webmin when it is installed, tries to deduce standard locations and
methodologies based on the exact distribution you are installing. If you
upgrade either the distribution or the daemons and things change, webmin
doesn't anticipate that and you have to fix it.

Whether BIND (named) runs as chroot on a fedora system is determined by
settings in /etc/sysconfig/named as I pointed out earlier in the thread.
Simple enough to adjust it there. There has been changes in the Red Hat
software over time that mucks with this.

If you check the 'module configuration' for BIND in webmin, you will see
that there is a bullet for running in chroot and the base directory for
the chroot if you are using it.

It's actually a simple matter...that's one of the nice things about


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