Satish Balay balay at fastmail.fm
Sun Jan 23 15:05:27 UTC 2005

On Sat, 22 Jan 2005, Steven Pasternak wrote:

> On Saturday 22 January 2005 18:11, James Wilkinson wrote:
> > Steven Pasternak wrote:
> > > Is it possible to install an old gcc and use it like the package
> > > 'compat-gcc' does? For example, I want gcc 3.4 for the things I compile
> > > for me, but RPMs I build for ancient systems I want to be built with gcc
> > > 2.7.x. Is it possible to like install 3.4 in /usr and 2.7 in /usr/gcc or
> > > something like that? If so, how exactly? Thanks!
> >
> > Erm ... "ancient" is right. We're talking RHL 5.x and similar here?
> >
> > Thing is, compatibility is not simply a matter of which compiler you
> > use. To begin with, I don't think Fedora rpm will build a package that
> > the rpm on those systems will recognise. I suspect you're going to be
> > updating a *lot* of basic files to get this to work.
> >
> > Wouldn't it be easier to install a suitably old version of Red Hat
> > Linux, and produce the RPMs there?
> >

> I was just using 2.7 as an example because it was the first thing to come to 
> mind. I just want to produce rpms that will work on my fedora system and my 
> friend's suse system. I'm not talking about complex RPMs either, nothing like 
> X. I just want to make something that doesn't gripe because I don't have 
> libsdc++ 3.4, but something more general that works on systems just a few 
> years old, maybe around 1 1/2 to 2 years.

It is possible to install gcc295 (from rpmfind.net) on FC3. I've tried
using it with simple codes. And I don't see a corresponding g++295

Not sure what other comatibility issues you'll encounter if building
rpms on FC3 with this compiler - and installing on older
machines. (glibc etc..)


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