[installation]dual boot with Mandrake for test

Moyne Daniel dmoyne at tiscali.fr
Mon Jan 24 16:29:34 UTC 2005

Le Lundi 24 Janvier 2005 13:40, Paul Howarth a écrit :
> > - can I select either mandrake or fedora distribution at boot : possibly
> > with lilo bootloader,
> When the FC3 installer asks you to select where to install the
> bootloader, tell it to install grub in the partition you're installing
> FC3 to (rather than the MBR). Your computer will boot only into Mandrake
> at this point but you should be able to configure your existing Mandrake
> bootloader, whether it be LILO or grub, to boot Fedora too. Simply
> chain-load the grub loader from the Fedora partition, just the same as
> how you would boot Windows if it was installed in the Fedora partition.
Paul, can I use also lilo rather than grub on the FC3 partition that I know 
better ?

Now, Paul I do not know what is you feeling regarding the comparison of 
Mandrake and Fedora ; you see I have bee using Mandrake since the very 
begining of my Linux experience ; now I would like to try another 
distribution ; I was thinking of Debian but apparently Fedora is a new comer 
on the market that can attract me ; my opinion is that besides stability what 
matter the most with the distribution is the capability to update safely your 
present system ; I mean here to be able to load and test something new , then 
to decide to keep it or not ; Debian can do that ; Mandrake cannot : if you 
load something that does not work to go back to previous stable version of 
you setup might be troublesome !
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