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Lee Tambiah l_tambiah at
Wed Jan 26 14:40:22 UTC 2005

I've installed FC3 and ran YUM to get the latest updates. I noticed that the
kernel is selected not to be updated in the default settings. There are
updates available for it.

Should I go ahead and use YUM to update the kernel?

What problems/hurdles could I encounter by using YUM to update the kernel?

>>> Yum is a reliable update tool, you can update the kernel with yum and it will install the new kernel with no problems. Your previous kernel will also be stored in case you need to roll back to your previous kernel version. Personally though i would recommend not to upgrade your kernel and stick with the 2.6.9 version, as i think there are some issues with the 2.6.10 kernel, such as sound problems. You can also configure yum so the latest kernel is not activated, although it will download it, it will keep your current version active. Hope this helps!


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