YUM-Kernel update?

Vinicius cviniciusm at terra.com.br
Wed Jan 26 15:46:16 UTC 2005

Benjamin Sailer escreveu:
> Hello,
>>On Wed, 26 Jan 2005 08:07:54 -0600, Dave McCann <langleyfan at gmail.com> wrote:
  > the problem that arises during update is that the old kernel is
> removed.  So when You do not reboot the machine, it might get into
> trouble when it e.g. tries do load a new kernel module after the
> update and all it finds in /lib/modules aer the new version's
> kernel-objects.
> Therefore the default behaviour is to install the new kernel as a
> default, which (hopefully) manages to boot during the next startup,
> and leave removal of the old kernel to the user.
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> Benjamin
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The nightly yum by cron automatically install the new kernel, and the 
old kernel is not removed. The new kernel will be the default at boot time.

This is what happens with my configuration :-).

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