RPM & Mysql

dan info at hostinthebox.net
Wed Jan 26 18:42:50 UTC 2005

elkef wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> I have a problem with upgrading MySQL
> I downloaded the rpm from dev.mysql.com
> Try to install it by clicking on it (in KDE) Which did not work, then 
> tried to install it with rpm -U MySQL...
> But this does not work either!
> On top of that I am used to using chkconfig (on suse) wich used to work 
> perfectly well, but on fedora this does not seem to work.
> Can anyone help me? Or is it only Suse that has an easy rpm manager?
> Thank you very much!

Can you start out by telling us exactly what you saw when you clicked on 
it in KDE, and exactly what you saw when you tried to "rpm -U MySQL..", 
and all that?

I see this day after day, people will post here without any real 
information, which makes it more difficult for us to efficiently answer 
your questions.

I don't think that using an "Easy RPM Manager" will help you.  I think 
it's a better idea to have a good understanding of how this all works, 
regardless of which tool you use.


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