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Paul Howarth paul at city-fan.org
Wed Jan 26 19:46:07 UTC 2005

On Wed, 2005-01-26 at 20:05 +0100, elkef wrote:
> Thanks for the quick reply
> If I click on the rpm in kde I get the "open with" dialogue screen.
> When I do
>  > rpm -U --allfiles MySQL-server-4.1.9-0.i386.rpm
> in the terminal I get :
> warning: MySQL-server-4.1.9-0.i386.rpm: V3 DSA signature: NOKEY, key ID 
> 5072e1f5
> error: Failed dependencies:
>          libmysqlclient.so.10 is needed by (installed) 
> perl-DBD-MySQL-2.9003-5.i386
>          libmysqlclient.so.10 is needed by (installed) 
> libdbi-dbd-mysql-0.6.5-9.i386
>          libmysqlclient.so.10 is needed by (installed) 
> MyODBC-2.50.39-19.i386
>          libmysqlclient_r.so.10 is needed by (installed) 
> MySQL-python-0.9.2-4.i386

The problem here is that you are trying to upgrade your MySQL to version
4.1.9 but you already have installed perl-DBD-MySQL, libdbi-dbd-mysql,
MyODBC, and MySQL-python, all of which are linked against older versions
of the MySQL client library and will therefore break if you do this

So, what you need to do is to download the "Dynamic client libraries
(including 3.23.x libraries)" package as well, which contains the
libraries you need to maintain backwards compatibility with these older
packages. Then, install both of your downloads together:

# rpm -Uvh MySQL-server-4.1.9-0.i386.rpm MySQL-shared-

That should do it.

Paul Howarth <paul at city-fan.org>

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