K3b & Bootable CD

Amy M amymom at hawaiilinux.us
Thu Jan 27 00:35:31 UTC 2005

Antonio Olivares wrote:

>--- Amy M <amymom at hawaiilinux.us> wrote:
>>What knobs should I turn on to burn bootable CDs
>>(e.g., LiveCD) with 
>>K3b?  After several failures, I have resorted to
>>xcdroast, but would 
>>like to use K3b.  Thanx.
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>I hope I get your question, you want to burn an iso
>image from a live cd iso.  Just select burn cd image
>and you should select your live cd.iso

I was able to burn the LiveCD.iso, but it won't boot.  As I mentioned in 
the original post, iso images burned with xcdroast work OK.  Thus, there 
must be certain options that I did not check when using K3b.

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