Pls Tell me a mirror site for downloading FC3 iso imgs

Gene Heskett gene.heskett at
Thu Jan 27 06:36:29 UTC 2005

On Thursday 27 January 2005 00:02, Thomas Cameron wrote:


>> I swear, after all the ruckus that been raised about using windows
>> to download something, that M$ would fix that.  But in 15 years
>> they haven't.  Wouldn't want to be able to download a pirated
>> program now you see.
>That's just silly.  To think that Microsoft would be stupid enough
> to somehow build in an intentionally bad download mechanism to
> thwart the .001% of users who download "warez" is way out there in
> Conspiracy Theory zone.

Well, as a matter of fact, I was personally told that by a redmond 
weenie about 15 years ago, when I was trying to download a patch for 
a COTS program we were trying to use at the time.

Finally, somebody took pity on a poor tv chief engineer and sent him a 
floppy with the demo version of procomm on it.  Once I got rid of the 
M$ ftp proggy I was trying to use, it was a 10 minute job at what was 
then 2400 baud, to get the patch I needed.

I used to be a fan of M$ twenty years ago, but that was my instant 
education about how M$ felt about actually being able to move a 
binary file to what was then a dos-5.0 machine.  They were, even 
then, far more concerned with the piracy aspect of a good file 
transfer program than they were in the utility of it to distribut 
their own patches.

And after several more school classes in the redmond classroom, 
usually over a disappearing file in an NT 3.58 filesystem (it had 
that nasty habit of simply losing a file about twice a year) that 
they were convinced we never had a fscking license for no matter how 
many times I quoted them the seriel number from the cd that was 
shipped with the machine from dear old I've Been Moved (which did not 
contain the file in question even though its a required piece of 
NT-3.58, and resulted in my verbal fisticuffs with the jerks at the 
time, that one was eventually fixed by cbs imaging me another hard 
drive and sending it in via ups, only 3 days downtime for a major 
communications box at the tv station, lost commercial sales probably 
in excess of 15 grand if we hadn't reverted to the telephone, running 
our LD bill up about a grand over those 3 days) I long ago came to 
the conclusion that the less I had to do with them, the better off 
I'd be.  FWIW, NT-4.0 also suffers from this same lose a file 
occasionally bug. Possibly not as often, but it did happen on one 
box, twice in 4 years, same file.

The neighbors all know I'm an electronics/computer geek, but I long 
ago got them all trained that other than installing a copy of 
openoffice or mozilla/firefox for them, I don't deal with 
miss-configured windows boxes and all the viri/spyware that comes 
with them.  This is a 100% linux equipt house. It was amigados before 
that, and os9/nitros9 before that...

>> Just one more reason to get away, as far away as you can
>> get, from anything M$ related.
>There are countless reasons to stay away from Microsoft products. 
> This isn't one of them.  It's wild-eyed conspiracy theory
> silliness.

No conspiracy based on my experience with them, in fact its a hell of 
a good reason to stay away from M$.  It doesn't take too many whacks 
at it where there is absolutely no common sense on the other end of a 
$2 a minute phone call like those, to sour me forever.

You wanna deal with them, fine.  But I'm not buying the prozac one 
needs after a round with redmond.  Lifes too short to put up with 
headaches and stress like that.


Cheers, Gene
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