FC3 sucks. It takes up too much memory!

Pasha e97665728 at 013.net
Thu Jan 27 08:33:55 UTC 2005

Edward Yang wrote:

> I am *not* exagerating. Please look at the attached screenshot for detail:
> 1. I think eggcups is the process for printing. Why it takes up more 
> than 40mb memory? On Windows 2000, the spooler printing service takes 
> up only a little more than 4mb memory and less than 3mb virtual memory.
> 2.  And, eggcups belongs to my session. I am not familiar with the 
> terminal concept. I guess if a user logs on thru a dumb terminal, 
> he/she will get his/her own eggcups; and 40mb memory will reduced from 
> the server. Is my guess true?
> 3. If I 'kill nnn', where nnn is the pid of eggcups, it somehow 
> respawns. How can I stop this? Anyway I don't want printing service 
> right now, I am just learning programming on Linux.
> 4. I don't want xscreensaver, because I am running FC3 inside 
> Microsoft Virtual PC. How to stop it?
> 5. What is gnome-vfs/esd? Are they a must to for a user session?
> Please forgive me if my post aroused some kind of holy debate. I come 
> from Windows world, it's inevitable for me to compare Linux/FC with 
> Windows. But I will appreciate very much if someone can help me, 
> instead of just saying 'Only newbies don't understand' or even 'Only 
> morons don't understand'.
First advice: stop posting in HTML as many people will ignore such 
posts. For the same reasons don't use "FC3 sucks" in subject.

To your question:

1. Go to Applications/Preferences/More Preferences/Sessions.
2. Click on "Current Session" tab
3. Choose egg-cups in the list
4. Press remove, then apply - eggcups will quit.

Now press Alt-F2, in the run dialog type gnome-session-save. Press 
"Run". This will save the session, so eggcups will not run at next 
logon. This will save the state of all windows, so if you want to log in 
to clean desktop - close all windows before this.

esd is a sound server. Without it you won't have sound effects, and some 
sound applications will not work. Go to Applications/Preferences/Sound 
and uncheck "Enable sound server startup" if you don't care about this.

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