[installation]dual boot with Mandrake for test

Paul Howarth paul at city-fan.org
Thu Jan 27 10:51:14 UTC 2005

Daniel Moyne wrote:
> I have installed Fedora Core 3 on different partitions than those used by 
> Mandrake ; my fedora partitions are like this :
> /dev/hdb1 "/"
> /dev/hdb5 "/swap"
> /dev/hdb7 "/usr/local"
> During the installation it was proposed to me to install GRUB on "/dev/hda" 
> where as far as I know I have my LILO installed to boot my Mandrake ; the I 
> had to select the only option left to me : no bootloader ;

Strange; I would have expected there to be an option to install grub on 
/dev/hdb1 too.

 > after this all was
> installed smoothly onto the hereabove mentioned partitions and hopefully the 
> job should not have been done in vain ; now which kind of entry do I have to 
> put inseret on my LILO bootloader to switch to my Fedora at boot ? ; 
> basically the way I installed my Fedora distribution is it usable ?

It should be OK. I haven't used LILO for a long time myself so this may 
be wrong but I think what you need is a lilo.conf entry like this:


You will of course need to make a new entry after you have upgraded your 
kernel. It would be a good idea to install grub on /dev/hdb1 and add a
LILO entry to chain-load grub; I *think* the following lilo.conf entry 
may be what you need to do this, once you've installed grub.



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