Installing mysql-4.1.9-1 in FC3

David Hoffman dhoffman2004 at
Thu Jan 27 18:58:03 UTC 2005

On Thu, 27 Jan 2005 19:50:33 +0100, Remi Collet <liste at> wrote:
> Kanwar Ranbir Sandhu a écrit :
> > 1. Where can I get the mysql compatibility rpm from?
> Download mysqlclient10-3.23.58... from devel, rebuild it and install it
> at the same time than mysql-4.1.9.

OUCH... Why do that when already provides a compat package?

Nothing to rebuild. Just do what Paul stated earlier. Download the
compat RPM from

Install that one first, so that the files are there.
Then you remove your old mysql stuff with "rpm -e" and install the new
packages (also downloaded from with "rpm -i".

If you try to do "rpm -U" to upgrade, it probably won't completely
work because the package names are different between the 3.23.xx
version that came with Fedora and the new versions from

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