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Fri Jan 28 01:56:55 UTC 2005

On Wed, Jan 26, 2005 at 06:52:55PM -0800, Globe Trotter wrote:
> I am a statistics instructor who is trying to wean the students out of the
> dreadful ways of Windoze. Does anyone know of a tutorial covering just the
> basic set of tools to get started? Omline would be great, of course!

If you are a statistics instructor you should be able to focus on
statistics and math.  All the students need is login, simple editor
(nano, vim), simple file commands, math tools and logout.  I have seen
university classes where instructions for notepad file uploads were

To get started with math tools, look into ...

  octave - A high-level interactive language for numerical computations.

And 'calc' a notch above and beyond bc/dc.

And 'pscp'.

And 'bc'/'dc'.
  These are standsard unix/Linux tools bc and dc are an arbitrary
  precision calculator pair one is rpn the other not.  These are good
  tools to explore the dynamics of numbers and errors that are so
  common in some statistical numeric computation.

And gnumeric
  a GNOME spreadsheet application.
  Lots of built in statistics functions....

And, more but this is a good start.

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