getting and compiling source for things like openssl and opentsa

Joel rees at
Fri Jan 28 10:23:59 UTC 2005

I found some seed tarballs somewhere on the fedora pages, 


untarred them in /opt/rhcvs, and tried several versions of make in
/opt/rhcvs/devel/openssl . make just gives me errors.

For instance, I need a look at the sources, so I tried "make sources"
and curl says

    curl: (22) The requested URL returned error: 404
    make: ***[libica-1.3.5.tar.gz] Error 22

So I tried doing cvs by hand. In /opt/rhcvs/adhoc, I did "cvs co openssl".
That didn't give me any errors. It set up a completely different
directory structure than the seed has, but didn't complain. 

So I went to /opt/rhcvs/adhoc/openssl and tried a make sources, but no
sources target. So I just tried a plain old make, and it says updating .
through devel and leaves me at the command line. "make common" is up to
date. Looks like everything is up-to-date. 

So I looked in common/Makefile.common for suspicious targets, and none
of those targets seem to work. "No rule to make target."

Any help/hope for an old, sleepy, tired, middle-aged wannabe geek here?

Joel Rees   <rees at>
digitcom, inc.   株式会社デジコム
Kobe, Japan   +81-78-672-8800
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