[installation]dual boot with Mandrake for test

Paul Howarth paul at city-fan.org
Fri Jan 28 10:44:58 UTC 2005

Daniel Moyne wrote:
> so far I have done this : 
> I have LILO on my MBR (hda) and GRUB on hdb1 now but I did this to be able to 
> boot my fedora from lilo (advised by a friend of mine) ; I created in 
> "/root"-Mandrake a directory called fedora in which I dumped linked file to 
> my GRUB-Fedora then in my LILO I added the following entry :
> image=/boot/fedora/vmlinuz-2.6.9-1.667
>         label="fedora"
>         root=/dev/hdb1
>         initrd=/boot/fedora/initrd-2.6.9-1.667.img
>         append="acpi=ht"
>         read-only
> and it works but looks crappy !

In what way does it look crappy?

If you want to boot Fedora this way, you'll need to do something like 
this for each kernel update you install.

> My LILO does not accept this entry :
> other=/dev/hdb1
>  	label=grub
> There should be a trick to fall back into GRUB from LILO!

What does your lilo say when you try to use this entry? Does it fail 
when you run the lilo command or when you try to boot using this entry?

The documentation I saw at 
http://www.control-escape.com/linux/lilo-cfg.html suggests that an entry 
like this should work. What version of lilo are you using?

> Now I have to move on with updates :
> synaptic is not installed ! I dis this :
> [root at azun ~]#  yum update
> You have enabled checking of packages via GPG keys. This is a good thing.
> However, you do not have any GPG public keys installed. You need to download
> the keys for packages you wish to install and install them.
> You can do that by running the command:
>     rpm --import public.gpg.key
> For more information contact your distribution or package provider.
> [root at azun ~]# rpm --import public.gpg.key
> erreur: public.gpg.key: échec de la lecture d'import.
> hoo lala la ! ; I wish I had "GPG keys" not enabled ! ; what to do to get out 
> of those muddy waters !

No, what you wish is really that you had the GPG keys installed. This 
would be much better than disabling GPG checks on packages.

Run, as root "rpm --import /usr/share/doc/fedora-release-3/RPM-GPG-KEY*"

> My programme :
> - install my kernel source for compilation,
> - install my scsi tekram driver : I should be able to compile it separately 
> then dump the "*.o" file into "lib/modules/2.6.9-1.667/kernel/drivers/scsi" ; 

FC3 has a 2.6 kernel, so your built module will be "*.ko", not "*.o".

> I did that before with Mandrake
> - check my scsi chain including scsi burner,
> - install synaptic and clean out apps I do not want
> - check all peripherals (ADSL, sound, USB printer, etc....)

Good luck!


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