Time for the swtich has come.

Brian Fahrlander brian at fahrlander.net
Fri Jan 28 12:44:53 UTC 2005

On Thu, 2005-01-27 at 22:06 -0500, Kyle Lagonegro (Student-Lagone37)
> I'm finally fed up with Windows and Microsoft in general.  I just
> signed up to this mailing list and am making the first steps to moving
> over to Linux.  From what I have read Fedora is the way to go.  So now
> I must download, but before I make the switch I have some questions:
> 1) Is it a good idea to do the dual particion so I keep WinXP for a
> while?  Because frankly I want it gone as fast as possible...

    Nope; it'll be a crutch.  Get in, get wet and have fun.  Just about
the only thing you _won't_ find in a full-install of FC3 that you will
find in Windows are premium games and viruses/spyware/etc.

> 2) I'm hooked up to a LAN connection through my college, does Linux
> come with a web browser like Windows does, because if so I should have
> no problems with anything, I'm just worried about putting it on and
> not having the ability to get on for help.

    Nope it doesn't have a browser...it comes with 2? 3? 4?  It's in

> 3) I have a bunch of drivers and such that came with the computer,
> will they work for Linux, or are they only formatted for Windows?  The
> disks don't say windows on them at all, but I'm not sure.

    Nope; unless it's really, really new or some 'gadget' that only runs
in Windows, you're set to go.  And, you might actually learn something
about the hardware you're on, if you care to look in the logs.

> That's it for now, but trust me when I say you will all be hearing
> from me a lot...  Hehe.

    Not a problem; my ICQ/AOL/Email/etc is at the bottom.  When you get
stuck, if I'm online give me a jingle.

> One question about this forum, is there a way to stop them from
> mailing everything to me, I'll just go to the site to check responds
> and such...

    Once you get converted, I'll show you how to put the stuff from this
list into another folder so that you can deal with'em en-masse instead
of digging 'your' mail out of the whole mess.

    Welcome to the new age!

Brian Fahrländer                 Christian, Conservative, and Technomad
Evansville, IN                                http://www.fahrlander.net 
ICQ: 5119262                                          AIM: WheelDweller
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