nptd and firewall

John DeDourek dedourek at
Fri Jan 28 13:35:51 UTC 2005

Gain Paolo Mureddu wrote:
> Joel Stookey wrote:
>> I am running a workstation FC1 installation on a dial-up connection 
>> and want to connect ntpd to a server for a time correction.  I think I 
>> have it worked out except for how to assure that UDP port 123 will 
>> open for it and it appears I have to tinker with ipchains or iptables, 
>> something I've never had to do.  Nmap reveals that the port is not 
>> presently open.  If the procedure isn't fairly simple, can someone 
>> point me in the right direction?
>> I appreciate any suggestions you can make.
>> Thank you.
>> fureteur
> Hello.
> Just open up Applications->System Configuration->Security Level and add 
> the following in the space where you can write:
> 123:udp,123:tcp
> That will open the ports 123 in TCP and UDP mode... Apply, restart the 
> iptables service (system-config-services or Applications->System 
> Configuration->Servers->Services) look for the iptables service and 
> restart it or issue (as root) /sbin/service iptables restart.
Note that ntp uses ONLY udp; therefore I would change this to
WARNING: I don't actually use that firewall configuration tool,
so I haven't tried this.

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