Interesting problem.

Maxim Eremeev maxim_eremeev at
Fri Jan 28 23:18:21 UTC 2005

Kyle Lagonegro (Student-Lagone37) wrote:

>Okay so I've downloaded the 4 files I need for FC3, but oddly enough I have them saved on my computer, and can not move them to a CD...  Windows (Of course) is showing me an error screen.  Anyone had this problem when they were trying to switch or have any clue what I may have done wrong?
>I downloaded the second set of four files on the first link from the Download section of the Fendora website.  They are ISO files, and the error message reads 
>"Windows encountered a problem when tring to copy this file.  What do you want Windows to do?"
>"Tyoe: ISO File"
>"Date Modified: 1/28/2005 10:01 AM"
>"Size: 637 MB"
>Then my choices are "Retry" and "Cancel"
>Click Retry just pops the same message up, over and over again.  Thanks for the help...  I'm looking like quite the noob already on this site...  Hehe
First of all you should not "move" the file on the CDs. You have to burn 
CDs using the files as images (and Windows buil-in burner won't help you 
on this, so try some software like Nero).

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