And so it begins, installing Linux tonight, last minute questions.

Kyle Lagonegro (Student-Lagone37) Lagone37 at
Sat Jan 29 02:19:59 UTC 2005

Again sorry for just asking you guys and not looking around, but I know you guys can give it to me straight in a way I can understand.  I thank you a million times.

Tonight I'm planning on installing Linux, and I think I'm going to completely whip out Windows and just work from Linux.  But there is a question I'm curious to know before I lose my internet for a while.

When installing Windows you need drivers to get all the stuff working correctly, do I need these, or any subsitutes for Linux or were they included in the 4 CD download I made?  (I'm mainly worried about the one for my Ethernet card because without that I have no way to get a hold of you guys easily.)

Thank you so much again.  I'm soryr if I'm being a bother.

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