fc3 on old 7GB HD with 64MB Ram

James Wilkinson james at westexe.demon.co.uk
Sat Jan 29 09:55:44 UTC 2005

Duncan Lithgow wrote:
> So, I've installed as normal. No Gnome or KDE but selected XFCE, thought 
> i'd dump other extra packages once i was up and running.
> Now, it get as far as initializing hardware, (storage, network audio 
> [done]) and then *without* powering down just dies. That is the screen 
> dies after being grey for a short time. The power still runs, and if i 
> throw in a cd it powers up and spins it.
> ideas?

Have you tried removing "rhgb quiet" from the kernel parameters? When
you're booting and see the Grub screen, press a key (if necessary) to
get at the menu, and press "e" to edit the boot options.

Hope this helps,

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