Compiling Kernel on FC2

James Wilkinson james at
Sat Jan 29 10:15:00 UTC 2005

Gain Paolo Mureddu wrote:
> Yeah, all that I do as root, otherwise I couldn't wirte to the 
> linux-2.6.<insert_version_here> under /usr/src ;)

/usr/src doesn't have to be root-only: it's perfectly permissible to
create a group (say "compile" or "wheel") and chmod /usr/src so that the
group has write access. Then put a normal (trusted) user and root into
the group.

Then you can untar, configure and compile under /usr/src as a normal
user, and only have to become root to do the installation.

I'd call this better practice than doing everything as root, and it's
more or less what I do.


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